The Feather of Bright Finist the Falcon

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Baba Yaga w/ Broom Nesting Doll

The Feather of Bright Finist the Falcon

There lived an old man and woman, who had three daughters. The youngest was lovely beyond belief, and as her father's favorite. One day, the old man was going to the fair and asked his daughters what they wanted him to bring back as presents.

The eldest wanted a new dress, the middle girl a new shawl, but the youngest only wanted a red flower. The old man thought this was strange and silly, but his daughter insisted, so at last he agreed and set out for the fair. He easily found the dress and shawl, but could not find a red flower.

Only as he was going home did he see a traveler who had a red flower in his hand. The old man offered to buy it, but the stranger refused to sell the flower. However, if the old man's youngest daughter would marry the stranger's son, Bright Finist the Falcon, then he would give the man the flower as a gift. The old man did not like this arrangement, but he figured his daughter could always refuse, so he agreed to the deal, and took the flower home with him.

When he gave his daughter the flower, he told her about the stranger and the deal he had made in order to get the flower. To his surprise, his daughter laughed and smiled, telling her father that Bright Finist was a great hero who could fly in the shape of a falcon. She had met him at Mass, and learned that he was deeply in love with her. Not knowing what to make of all of this, her father sent her to bed, saying they would discuss this in the morning.

That night, the young woman opened her windows, and a falcon flew in through the open window, and transformed into a young man. They talked until dawn, and then the young lord kissed the girl and told her he would return each night to see. In the meanwhile, he gave her one of his feathers, and told her that should she wish for anything, she should go to the balcony, wave the feather to the right, and whatever she wished for would appear.

This went on for days, and Bright Finist always appeared each night. But one night, the young maiden's sisters became suspicious when their sister appeared with fine new clothes and lovely jewels. They spied on her, and grew jealous of her evening visitor. So one night, as the young girl slept, the older sisters but knives in the window, so the falcon would cut his wings as he came to visit. When this happened, Bright Finist thought the lady no longer loved him, and flew away, not to be seen again.

The girl eventually set out to find her love, and wandered into the forest. Here she came to a hut, and inside was a Baba Yaga. The girl told the hag her story, and the witch gave her a golden hammer and ten diamond nails. She told the maiden that when she came to the sea, Bright Finist's new bride would try to buy the hammer and nails. She should accept no payment, but instead ask to see Finist the Falcon. The Baba Yaga then sent the girl to her second sister for advice.

The girl travels to see the second witch, who gives her additional gifts, and similar advice, telling her to go and see the third Baba Yaga. This Baba Yaga already knew that Bright Finist had married a Tsar's daughter, and gave her a magic steed that would carry her at once to his palace.

Sure enough, at the palace, the young girl was approached by Finist's bride, who desired her treasures. The girl offered to trade them for a chance to see her love, and the princess agreed. Only the Tsar's daughter was treacherous, and bewitched Finist with a magic pin, so that he would not awake. Each day the girl traded away one of her gifts, and each day she proved unable to awake her lord.

Finally, on the third day, after she had traded her magic steed, the girl went to see Bright Finist the Falcon, and as she held him, the pin fell out. He awoke at once, and the girl told him the entire story of what had happened. Bright Finist called together all of the princes and nobles and asked their judgment. Should he be forced to remain with the wife who had sold him, or should he be allowed to marry the lady who had bought him? The people declared that he should take the woman who had bought him, and that the one who had sold him should be hung on the gate and shot. Bright Finist of the Flowery Feathers did this.

Baba Yaga w/ Broom Nesting Doll

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