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Pond Shield Epoxy Pictures

Here are a few examples of what is possible with Pond Shield Epoxy to help you create the perfect water feature, so you can Enjoy Your Environment.

Note: Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

Wedding Cake Fountain

This original piece is a wedding cake style fountain that has been constructed of concrete formed sections. Each section is bolted into place and then Pond Shield Gray was used in conjunction with fiberglass tape to seal the completed unit. After all was cured, the epoxy was abraded and then black glass tiles were set in place. Polyurethane or a very sticky acrylic thin set can be used for setting the tile. This way the waterproof barrier was installed first in order to preserve the natural beauty of the tile itself.

Small Formal Brick Pond

The owner of this pond was just plain having problems with the liner for this pond. The pond was designed for the confined space in which it resides, which meant the liner ended up being just too bulky for the pond after it was installed. The folds and wrinkles definitely took away from the over-all beauty of the pond. The situation was corrected by removing the liner and sealing it with Black Pond Shield.

Indoor Holding Tank

Rather than line an indoor holding tank with a rubber liner, Pond Shield epoxy can be used. The benefits of doing so are clearly seen in these pictures. The tanks is free from unsightly folds and creases as well as much healthier as well. Without all of those folds and creases it means that bad bacteria will not be able to accumulate and cause issues with the water quality or the fish stock.

Formal Blue Pond

The concrete walls and floor of this pond were poured at different time which created a cold joint at those seams.  This crew here is using a technique that combines strips of fiberglass wetted out over those cold joint seams to increase the strength properties of the coating.  In this way they have ensured that any extra movement in the structure will be absorbed by the fiberglass/Pond Shield combination.

Small Shotcrete Pond

Another concrete pond where the idea was to use a smooth coating in conjunction with the rounded edges to produce better water flow throughout the pond. The concrete was etched and then Black Pond Shield was applied up to the bottom of the cap stone.

Indoor/Outdoor Pond

This unique pond travels from the outside of the house to the inside right along the entrance walkway. Once inside the house a water wall channels water from the filtration system back into the pond.

Large Swimming Pool

Pond Shield epoxy can also be used on swimming pools too. It is completely compatible with chlorine as well as many other chemicals. In this instance, the home owner coated the entire pool with Sky Blue Pond Shield as a contrasting color against the tile trim work at the top of the pool. The same contrasting color was used on the slide as well.

Natural Setting Pond

This pond was already in service but had some problems. The homeowner and his son set out to correct the problems and seal it up with Pond Shield Black. The top portion of this pond is capped with natural stone that remains partially submerged. Pond Shield clear was used on those areas of the rock to form a complete seal.

Gunnite Waterfall Pond

Ray from Robinson Engineering took on the task of repairing this older concrete pond. A new shell complete with wire mesh was sprayed in and then finally coated with both Pond Shield Gray in the basin and Clear on the waterfall.

Wooden Reef Tank

Assembled as an alternative to an expensive glass reef tank, Mike Noiesen built this wooden reef tank. He made sure his structure was completely solid and braced in a manner to allow as little flexing as possible. Fiberglass mat was used on all of the joints to aid in keeping the joints solid should there be any bowing of the wood under the weight of the water. A cap structure was assembled at the top of the tank to help maintain the shape of the wood box. The main glass viewing panel was put into place using a fish safe silicone adhesive. The tank was then checked for leaks, installed and faced with decorative trim and then quickly put into service.

Additional Ideas and Examples of Pond Shield Epoxy

Backyard Koi Pond

Indoor Pond

Outdoor Pond

Swimming Pool

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