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The Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula is a innovative bacteria formula developed to be beneficial to pond life and is 100% environmentally safe, non-pathogenic and non-toxic. It should be used in the Spring along with the Clear Pond Sludge Buster Blocks to jump start your pond's biological system, and weekly to maintain a healthy pond throughout the summer season.

When used on a regular basis, Clear Pond's beneficial bacteria helps to promote a healthy balanced pond that will naturally reduce the effects of string algae, pea soup green water, sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom and help to control the build-up of wildlife waste.

How It Works

The Beneficial Bacteria Formula contains a blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobes, (good bacteria), that are capable of breaking down algae and eliminating a sludge layer even in an anaerobic (non-oxygen) environment. Through a process of "selective adaptation" the natural bacteria have been enhanced in a 3-stage program. If fish are to survive in a new pond, the water must contain beneficial microbes. These microbes naturally eliminate the waste material of fish. This process is called aging of the pond water. In order for the pond water to properly age and new fish to survive, beneficial bacteria must establish colonies in the biological portion of your filter and on the surface areas of your pond. Bacteria excrete polysaccharides, a sticky starch, to help them attach to surface areas and each other, thus enabling colonization and growth.

While the decaying organic waste matter known as sludge and the foul gases it produces such as ammonia and sulfide create health problems for fish and promote the growth of algae, they are also a tasty food for our beneficial and enhanced Clear Pond Bacteria. When used as a quick start, or boost to your biological filter and pond, it will enhance the natural bacteria growth in your pond and jump-start the bacteria colonies already growing naturally in your filter to enable them to out-compete the algae and pathogenic bacteria for nutrients in the water. By successfully out competing them for nutrients they then control them. This process reduces foul odors, increases the dissolved oxygen content of the water, reduces algae blooms and creates a healthy environment for your pond and pond life. Through a process known as "competitive displacement", they confine and replace pathogenic (bad) bacteria and actually protect fish against the very pathogenic conditions that cause disease. Each bottle contains billions of these especially cultured beneficial microbes. When mixed with the water in a new pond after dechlorinating with Chloramine Buster, they instantly provide the microbes necessary for fish survival. For a balanced pond and healthy fish, the recommended amount of Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula should be used weekly.

Main Features:

  • Contains live beneficial bacteria and has been enhanced and patented to keep fish ponds clean, clear and healthy.
  • Is completely natural and beneficial to pond life, it is 100% environmentally safe, non pathogenic, and nontoxic.
  • Improves oxygen levels within the pond.
  • Eliminates foul odors, it doesn't have one.
  • Works in a wide range of pH and is effective in helping nature keep pond water clean and clear.
  • It consumes dead algae, sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom, eliminates pea soup green water and helps to control the build up of wildlife waste.
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrogen levels to keep the pond environment healthy.
  • Promotes fish health through its new probiotic formulation of bacteria and thereby help to protect fish against disease.
  • Is especially good at seeding and maintaining biological filters when used on a regular basis.
  • Contain Facultative Bacteria which continue to work in a non-Oxygen environment.
  • Functions in water temperatures under 55°F and over 90°F.

Treatments per Size:

  • 16 oz. treats 16,000 gallons
  • 32 oz. treats 32,000 gallons
  • 1 Gallon treats 128,000 gallons

  • Model: 16104-32103-01102
  • Manufactured by: Aquatic Biotechnologies Inc.

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