Vineyard & Visitor Supplies

The Importance of Imagery

You already know that image is very important to entice visitors so they will come and taste your wonderful wines. You have designed, or are in the process of designing, a welcoming landscape. At Katalina Klark, we can help you keep your investments looking beautiful, healthy and safe with economical and environmentally friendly products.

Scare Pesky Birds Away from Vineyards and Picnic Areas!

Jackite Predator Bird Kites are proven Scarecrows that scare away annoying and destructive birds and naturally protect environments. You just fly the Osprey, Peregrine Falcon or Bald Eagle over your vineyard, gardens, ponds, or picnic grounds on fiberglass poles and watch the smaller bird stay away. These scarecrows are also used by the marinas, farmers, orchard owners, bee keepers, and government agencies. These bird kites flap and flutter and soar on the wind. They are beautiful as they are functional. You will swear that you are seeing a real bird in flight, which in turn, frightens smaller birds away.

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Use the Power of Nature to Keep Your Ponds and Fountains Clean!

Clear Pond has a line of natural and ecologically safe products that will help keep both your natural ponds and artistic water features beautiful and healthy. Their products use the power of nature to clarify and help maintain your water features through the uses of cultured bacteria, enzymes, oxygen and other fish and plant friendly products. They work on both small or large acreage size ponds, as well as waterfalls, fountains and even motes. These products are designed for safety, ease of use and simplicity.

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Protect Your Water Scenery Investments!

Pond Shield is a specialized, non-toxic, epoxy liner system that can keep your manufactured water features looking more natural and help keep them in good condition. The liner system is aquatic safe and can be used for any type of water feature like Koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains and water gardens, to name just a few. Over time, hairline cracks can form in mortar or grout joints as well as concrete. As opposed to other epoxy liners, the Pond Shield epoxy systems are flexible, so it resists mimic cracking and provides you with the best protection possible in your coating.

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Promotional Items are Wonderful Visual Reminders

Of course your wine will linger in the minds of your guest, but after they drank their wine and recycled the bottles, promotional items will help keep a visual reminder of that perfect wine. Katalina Klark offers Picnic Time customized picnic, wine and cheese service products. We can arrange to have the nesting dolls or ornaments to be designed to your unique style. It is also important to Encourage, Support and Appreciate all the people that make your business thrive with tokens of appreciation. Please take a look at our Promotional Products page for more information.

Encourage, Support, & Appreciate
the people that make your business thrive!

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