Father's Day

Father's Day falls on June 17th, 2018. It is a day to honor fathers, fatherhood, and paternal bonds. Roses are the traditional flowers to be given and to be worn on your lapel; a Red Rose to honor a living father, and a White Rose to honor a deceased father. Father's Day was first observed in Spokane, Washington on June 19th, 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd started promoting the holiday after listening to a sermon about celebrating Mother's Day. Her own father was a single parent after his wife died giving birth to their sixth child. Sonora Smart Dodd felt very strongly that Fathers should be equally honored for their contribution to the family. But in the USA, this holiday was not well received. Originally it was considered a joke in newspapers and mocked as just another commercial promotion. The holiday was proposed to Congress a few times, but it was turned down, fearing that it would become another commercialized holiday. It wasn't until 1966, that President Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed that third Sunday of June to be Father's Day. In 1972, the holiday became a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon signed it into law. So to all the fathers out there, Enjoy Your Day!

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